As an advisor you are susceptible to liability claims brought on by consumers’ heightened expectations regarding the services they receive and their willingness to resolve grievances and dissatisfaction through legal means. While you may in fact have done nothing wrong, you may nonetheless be in danger of costly and time-consuming legal action.

Protect yourself and your business with an Advocis E&O insurance plan.

Competitive Pricing and Discounts

Advocis Insurance offers premium discounts:

  • 15% discounts for new advisors (licensed in the past two calendar years), valid for up to two policy terms;
  • 10% discount for agents employed/contracted with Advocis corporate partners and sponsors (when applying, simply indicate the firm name and your promotion code, as advised by the firm).
  • 5% discount, valid for three years when you attend a Protect Your Practice education seminar;
  • Discount for Advocis members; and
  • Broker fee discounts when applying or renewing online.

Note: Premium discounts are capped at a maximum of 15%.

Zero Deductible on Life And Mutual Fund Claims *

Making a claim cuts into your valuable time with clients (lost opportunities) and can damage your good name, while paying for your deductible can add financial strain.

Advocis Insurance looked at what kinds of claims advisors typically face and negotiated with our insurer Zurich to waive the deductibles for life and mutual fund claims (Coverage A & D). If you have a claim involving sales and service of a life insurance product or a mutual fund investment, your claim will not be subject to a deductible.

* Applies to Coverage A (Life/Mutual Funds) or D (Licensed Administrative Assistant) certificate holders

Superior Coverage to Fit Your Practice Needs

E&O of Advocis Insurance is one of the few E&O programs for financial advisors that offers a full suite of coverage limit options: $1M, $2M, $3M, $4M and $5M, $5M excess so you can opt to carry coverage beyond regulatory relief and tailor your coverage levels to your practice and needs as your business grows.

We work with our insurer Zurich throughout the year to enhance the coverage offerings of our E&O plan, so that your coverage evolves and grows with changes in our industry.

The Not-For-Profit Model Means a Focus on Long-Term Sustainability

The trust fund of Advocis Insurance is incorporated as a non-profit organization, a model which sets out very different insurance ideals upon which to operate. Our priorities, as derived from this organizational positioning, are: to enable sustainable E&O coverage for our industry to facilitate our member participants’ ability to access superior coverage to involve industry members (your peers) in the development process and above all to ensure we act in the best interests of the professionalism of our industry as opposed to the short-term interests of our “bottom line.”