Competitive Pricing and Discounts

Some of what we offer is as follows:

  • Exclusive Loyalty Discounts (applicable to all insurance coverages, Insuring Agreement A, B, C, and D)

Zero Deductible on Life And Mutual Fund Claims *

If you have a claim involving sales and service of a life insurance product or a mutual fund investment, your claim will not be subject to a deductible.

* Applies to Coverage Life/Mutual Funds or Licensed Administrative Assistant certificate holders

Superior Coverage to Fit Your Practice Needs

Our program for financial advisors and planners offers up to $10 million of coverage.

We work with our partners throughout the year to enhance the coverage offerings of our program, so that your coverage evolves and grows with changes in our industry.

A Focus on Long-Term Sustainability

Our priorities are to enable sustainable business insurance protection for our industry; to access superior coverage; to involve industry members in the development process; and ensure we act in the best interests of the profession.