Fort Assurance is a leading Insurance Broker team heading our Quebec team. FORT is a complete solution firm offering all services. FORT owes its success to entrepreneurs who joined forces to offer the very best services to their clients. Since 1927, our firm has been living proof that together, we can do more. In 2016, Diane Corbeil and Stéphan Bernatchez acquired FORT with a like-minded entrepreneurial spirit. FORT’s origins go back to 1927, when Brian Reynolds built an exclusive clientele for the Reynolds Company. In 1963, Robert C. Anderson joined the company, which became Reynolds & Anderson Ltd. From 1998 to 2011, FORT Insurance acquired six companies. In 2016, with a new name, FORT Insurance | Group Benefits, Diane Corbeil and Stéphan Bernatchez confirmed their commitment to offering a full range of products to the firm’s executive and corporate clientele.